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Website Price Guide

Cost Of Website Development

The cost of website design strongly depends on the functionality that a website requires.

ZAWebs offers custom designed websites, and therefore treat each website as a unique case. 

During the development process we always focus on

  • User friendliness  
  • Search Engine friendliness

Accordingly our web designs performs well and works for our clients. 

Does this mean that we are expensive? Definitely NOT.

To summarise – We design quality websites at affordable prices.

Website Cost

We pride ourselves on treating each client individually and prefer to evaluate their website needs before providing a quote. 

Our prices depends primarily on the level of customisation required, however our “base” websites do come with a large amount of functionality that usually  exceeds the client’s  requirements.

Therefore, our quotes, as well as our website design, will be customised for each client.

Depending on the Clients requirements websites are priced from R6,500 – all inclusive’of a domain, webhosting and Search Engine Optimisation.

Website Design - Annual Renewal

We believe in an ongoing relationship and contact with clients to ensure that their websites remain functional and current. Rather than charging an hourly fee for assistance we charge an annual fee that, apart from the webhosting and domain renewal, covers : Please read the following in conjuction with our our Terms and Conditions


  • Support. – Even though content can be added and changed by the website owner we are often called upon to assist from time to time. This can be in the form of either requests to introduce new functionality, explaining a procedure by telephone or Skype or fixing layout or formatting issues as a result of some action by the person updating the content. We provide this support whenever required.
  • Ongoing advice on internet related issues is often provided at no charge.
  • Maintenance – With the introduction of new versions of Internet Browsers (almost annually nowadays) the appearance of websites can be influenced and adjustments need to be made to restore functionality and/or their original appearance.
  • Minor program changes as requested by the client.
  • Database management – Sometimes when a file or text containing invalid characters or scripts is added to the database some corruption may occur. We will then clean the database of these offending text/characters to restore full functionality.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. – A website is worth nothing if not well placed when one searches for the identified keywords. Our websites are designed to leverage over 20 years of experience in website SEO. 
  • We also provide SEO training, support and advice to our clients to continuously ensure improved performance from our client’s websites (where they update their own content).
  • In some cases, Since the owner can add additional pages and content, ZAWebs do not perform updates to the actual content. If this service is required we can provide a quote based on the number of pages that need to be maintained. 

To conclude – as a result of this ongoing commitment from your side we can be seen as partners with a vested interest in making your website and therefore also your business work rather than a “hit and run” web design company out to sell a website without any interest in whether it works or not.

ZAWebs offers quality Website Design from Port Elizabeth at Afforable prices.

Please read the above in conjuction with our our Terms and Conditions

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