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Website Support

Website Client Support
(ZAWebs clients)

We aim to provide quality website designs at a reasonable cost.

Accordingly we charge an annual fee that covers webhosting, domain administration and support services to ensure that your website remains functional and up to date. 

This annual fee also includes the use of professional (premium) software plugins and page builders.

We also manage an active link building programme to improve the ranking on the major search engines such as Google.

We seek to develop long term relationships with our clients to give them the security that goes with knowing that support is only a email or phone call away.


Web Hosting Support
(hosting only clients)

Website Clients who opt for hosting only.

Please note our service for hosting only clients extends to ensuring that their Cpanel is accessible. This include :

  • Webserver maintenance
  • Clearing an IP blocks on the firewall etc.

Further than that hosting clients should perform all other functions via their Cpanel including:

  • Setting up and maintaining email accounts.
  • Website installation and maintenance and updating scripts plugins etc.
  • Extensive Cpanel documentation are available and most topics are covered on Google.
  • If you require us to assist with additional services such as WordPress installation and WordPress security  optimization or website SEO – we will provide you with a cost estimate for this work.
At ZAWebs we provide ongoing support to our website clients. We also provide ongoing advice on internet and website related matters.
Please refer to our email support link below. IMPORTANT: If you require further assistance, then please have Anydesk installed on your computer before you contact us. Go to: to download the application Or watch the below youtube video: How To Download And Run AnyDesk For Windows

Hosting only clients, please read the section below.
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